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COVID-19 Measures We Are Taking to Prioritize Your Health

The safety of our patience and staff is of utmost importance at Anchor HomeCare. Therefore, we wanted to let our patients know of the precautionary steps we are taking. Our leadership team has developed a plan to deal with COVID-19 which includes processes to follow and a Caregiver Guide; see below.

Measures Being Taken To Combat Covid-19 By Anchor Homecare

  1. Effective immediately all existing patients and staff members will be screened via questionnaire.
  2. Any new patient will be screened as part of the admission process.
  3. Educational packets, including how to properly disinfect, and the appropriate process to follow if infection is suspected made and issued to each employee, existing patient, and will become part of the admission packet until COVID-19 is no longer deemed a threat.
  4. Employees will be encouraged to properly use PPE, practice the appropriate hand hygiene & respiratory etiquette, practice social distancing, and avoid public crowds as much as possible.
  5. Employees are instructed to monitor their temperature daily and report any fever immediately to the clinical manager.
  6. Fit kits have been ordered for the N95 mask, and once they arrive a member of the Florida Department of Health will train staff on appropriate testing measures.
  7. Any employee deemed at risk, exposed without proper use of PPE with a confirmed case, or with a fever will be instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days.
  8. An updated pandemic policy incorporating COVID-19 written and distributed to staff.
  9. Weekly Emergency Management meetings will be attended, schedule permitting.
  10. Employees are encouraged to avoid any unnecessary travel at this time – flying, train, and cruises.
  11. With each visit to a patient’s home, the patient will be evaluated for s/s COVID-19 with any person deemed as a patient under investigation (PUI) reported to physician for further evaluation and possible testing.
  12. The Florida Department of Health and CDC website will be monitored daily with any needed adjustments to policy and protocol implemented immediately.
  13. Commonly used surfaces such as telephones, keyboards, computer mouse, desktops, door knobs, light switches, copy/fax will be sanitized several times each day.
  14. Meetings that will require more than 10 persons be present in the office will be conducted via phone or email communications will be instituted.
  15. Staff present in the office will practice social distancing – maintaining a distance of six feet as much as possible.

Our New Location and Open House

We recently moved into our state-of-the-art, 2,000 sqft facility located at 103 North Hwy 71.

We would like to thank our clients, friends and family that made our open house on Thursday, April 13 such a special event.

Once again “Deficiency Free”

A&A Homecare is once again “Deficiency Free” by Agency for Health Care Administration Survey 2015-2016. See the report below.

Agency for Health Care Administration Survey Shows A&A is Deficiency Free for 2014

A&A is proud to announce that during the period of November 12, 2013 through November 14, 2013 we were visited by the Agency for Health Care Administration for a relicensure survey and were found to be deficiency free!!  We are so proud of our healthcare team for their hard work and professionalism. Way to go!

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